Genius hour project

My genius hour was about fishing lures, and techniques. In our group of three we will study different lures, lure making companies, and lure techniques styles and ways to use the lure. There are many types of lures and they all can be used in different ways for different kinds of fish, weather your fishing for bass, walleye, catfish, or many of the other species of fish you cant always catch them on the same lures.

Our genius hour will be about what fish you can catch on different lures, how the lures are made, and well learn about the manufacturer of different lure companies. As us three being fisherman and catching many fish ourselves we know what it takes to catch fish and are willing to learn and grow in the subject by doing research. We will blog the further and further we go into the subject and will learn more about the manufacturers of these lures.


My spring break

My spring break break was boring i didn’t do anything but fish and shoot my bow all the ladies were at D.C. so I was bored the whole time. the highlight of my spring break was when I caught a 4 pound bass and hung out with my fishing buddies. we did a lot of stupid things such as getting up at 5 in the morning and driving our moped through the dark as it rained, and we laughed as we thought to ourselves how stupid it was being we didn’t catch any fish that morning and rode through the dark and rain for no reason. The whole time we were on break all everyone did that went on the D.C trip was post video’s to their snap chat stories. My whole break was boring because nobody wanted to do anything but sit on their butts the whole time because everyone nowadays is lazy and boring. And thats what happened on my spring break it wasn’t special, it wasn’t fun, and I wasn’t productive.

By Bryson opande

Week 10 Activity

  • How many posts did you write? 4
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? 0
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? 0
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? no comments
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?i liked the hitchhiker post cuz we could ad our own flare to it.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? yes because i was forced to.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?none, not enough.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? 0
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? pictures.


My Familys food

My family’s favorite food is beef stew with tomato’s, carrots, onions, and curry. My father tought my mom over many years of practice to cook traditional kenyan dishes and other foods and drinks.

The undeniable most common Kenyan food staple is ugali  which is usually made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water and heated until it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste. Ugali has the consistency of a grainy dough and the heaviness of a brick.One of the most popular vegetable dishes is sukuma wiki otherwise known as collard greens. Another type of food is kenyan stew, Kenyan stew can include a number of different meats: beef stew, goat stew, chicken stew or any other animal stew. Kenyan stew dishes might also include a few other base vegetable ingredients such as carrots, peppers, peas, or potatoes.



fort dodge dodgers

      My blog is about football and the Fort Dodge dodgers season all around for football. The dodgers are known around the state as a hard football team to beat. They always play hard no matter who comes to town on Friday night. The seniors aren’t the only ones with a great season this year the junior varsity team played just as hard, as well as the eighth grade team with a 5-1 season this year losing to powerhouse team humbolt at home for their first home game loss. The seniors eventally fell short to waukee and urbandale for the district title.


poverty is a very big problem in the u.s and many other countries. The United states is below the ranks for one of the least wealthy countries and according to UNICEF nearly one third of u.s children live in a house hold with an income under 60 %. But in the richest nation in the world one in three kids live in poverty. some ways you can help out is too donate money, toys, supplies, and clothes to the nearest children’s home or to a place that hands out the clothes to the needy. There have been recent groups that have come up such as toys for tots and many other groups that help out. between 2011 and 2004 child poverty increased in 34 states including Iowa. There are other groups that help with soldiers that have come back from war injured and help them get through their life and pay them checks so they can feed their familys. There are many ways to help you can hold a soup kitchen at your home or you can donate to the needy and you can have your class donate can goods to poor. More alarmingly, the share of U.S. children living in poverty has actually increased by 2 percentage points since 2008. Overall, 24.2 millinn u.s. children were living in poverty in 2012, reflecting an increase of 1.7 million children since 2008.  about a third are in the United States,. On the other hand there are are other ways to help your community.